Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Information

Character Symbol Type
Straightness Straighness Form
Flatness Flatness Form
Circularity Circularity Form
Cylindricity Cylindricity Form
Line Profile Line Profile Profile
Surface Profile Surface Profile Profile
Perpendicularity Perpendicularity Orientation
Angularity Angularity Orientation
Parallelism Parallelism Orientation
Symmetry Symmetry Location
Position Position Location
Concentricity Concentricity Location
Runout Runout Runout
Total Runout Total Runout Runout GD&T per ANSI Y14.5 M-1982
Symbol Modifier
Free State Free State
LMC Least Material Condition (LMC)
MMC Maximum Material Condition (MMC)
Projected Projected Tolerance Zone
RFS Regardless of Feature Size (RFS)
Tangent Tangent Plane
Unilateral Unilateral - 8/25/2010

This is a reference for the ANSI Y14.5 GD&T standard., Engineer Edge, Engineer Edge 2, Engineer Edge 3, Engineering Calculator
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