Type Name Description Base Fav Rec
angle CIRCLE full circle (M/M) x 74
angle CYCLE revolution (M/M) x 93
angle DEG degrees (M/M) x 98
angle RAD radian, plane angle (M/M) x 416
area ACRE acre (M^2) x 1
area HECTARE hectare, area of land (M^2) x 199
constant G gravity acceleration (M/S^2) x 176
constant RGC Molar gas constant, ideal ((((KG)*(M^2))/(S^2))/(MOL*K)) x 424
density SPGR specific gravity (h2o @ 60 F) (KG/M^3) x 472
electric AMP ampere electric current (AMP) x 7
electric COULOMB Charge, quantity of electricity (AMP*S) x 81
electric OHM Ohm, electical resistance ((KG*M^2)/(AMP^2*S^3)) x 350
electric V Volt, energy per unit charge, potential difference, electromotive force ((KG*M^2)/(AMP*S^3)) x 511
energy BTU british thermal unit ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 38
energy CAL calorie ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 49
energy CALORIE[FOOD] calorie(food) ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 55
energy EV Electron volt ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 131
energy J joule, energy, work or quentity of heat ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 217
energy THERM therm ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 491
force DYNE dyne ((KG*M)/S^2) x 110
force KIP 1000 pound force ((KG*M)/S^2) x 228
force LBF pound force ((KG*M)/S^2) x 248
force N Newton force ((KG*M)/S^2) x 344
length ANGSTROM angstrom (M) x 9
length CHAIN chain [Gunter, survey]  (M) x 70
length CM centimeter (M) x 76
length FATHOM fathom (M) x 145
length FT feet (M) x 156
length FURLONG furlong (M) x 173
length IN inch (M) x 211
length KM kilometer (M) x 233
length LIGHT-YR Light-Year (M) x 269
length M meter (M) x 281
length MI mile, statute (M) x 297
length MICRON Micron (M) x 299
length MIL mil (M) x 304
length MM millimeter (M) x 327
length NAUTMI Nautical Mile (M) x 348
length ROD rod (M) x 428
length UM micrometer (M) x 510
length YD yard (M) x 526
luminesence CD Candela, luminous intensity (CD) x 66
luminesence FTCANDLE Foot-Candle (((M^2/M^2)*CD)/M^2) x 171
luminesence LM Lumen, Luminous flux ((M^2/M^2)*CD) x 277
luminesence LX Lux, Illuminance (CD*M^2/M^4) x 280
magnetic WEBER magnetic flux density integral ((KG*M^2/(AMP*S^2)) x 524
mass CARAT Carat (KG) x 60
mass GM gram (KG) x 184
mass KG kilogram (KG) x 224
mass LBM pound mass (KG) x 249
mass OZ ounce (avoirdupois) (KG) x 351
mass OZ[T] Ounce, troy (KG) x 352
mass SLUG slug = 32.17 lbm (KG) x 457
mass TON ton (us or short) (KG) x 494
Multiplier CENTI multiplier, 1E-2 (ITEM) x 69
Multiplier DECI multiplier, 1E-1  (ITEM) x 97
Multiplier DEKA multiplier, 1E1 (ITEM) x 99
Multiplier F[16] Fraction, 1/16, sixteenth (ITEM) x 134
Multiplier F[2] Fraction, 1/2, half (ITEM) x 135
Multiplier F[32] Fraction, 1/32, thirtysecond (ITEM) x 136
Multiplier F[4] Fraction, 1/4, quarter or fourth (ITEM) x 137
Multiplier F[64] Fraction, 1/64, sixtyfourth (ITEM) x 138
Multiplier F[8] Fraction, 1/8, eighth (ITEM) x 139
Multiplier GIGA multiplier, 1E9 (ITEM) x 182
Multiplier GROSS 12 dozen, 144 (ITEM) x 190
Multiplier HECTO multiplier, 1E2 (ITEM) x 200
Multiplier KILO multiplier, 1E3 (ITEM) x 226
Multiplier MICRO multiplier, 1E-6 (ITEM) x 298
Multiplier MILLI multiplier, 1E-3 (ITEM) x 320
Multiplier PETA multiplier, 1E15 (ITEM) x 376
Multiplier PICO multiplier 1E-12 (ITEM) x 379
Multiplier TERA multiplier, 1E12 (ITEM) x 490
power HP horsepower (550 ft*lbf/s) ((KG*M^2)/S^3) x 203
power KW kilowatt ((KG*M^2)/S^3) x 240
power W watt, power or radiant flux ((KG*M^2)/S^3) x 522
pressure ATM atmosphere (KG/(M*S^2)) x 17
pressure BAR bar (KG/(M*S^2)) x 22
pressure FT[H2O] foot of water (KG/(M*S^2)) x 161
pressure MBAR millibar (KG/(M*S^2)) x 286
pressure MM[H2O] mmh2o (KG/(M*S^2)) x 328
pressure MM[HG] millimeter hg (60 F) (KG/(M*S^2)) x 329
pressure MPA megapascal (KG/(M*S^2)) x 339
pressure PA pascal, pressure or stress (KG/(M*S^2)) x 354
pressure PSF pound force per sq ft (KG/(M*S^2)) x 396
pressure PSI pound force per sq in (KG/(M*S^2)) x 397
pressure TORR torr (mm Hg 0 C) (KG/(M*S^2)) x 502
quantity ITEM Any individual item, dimensionless (ITEM) x 216
quantity MOL mole, amount of substance (MOL) x 336
rotation HZ Hertz, frequency, cycle/second (M/M/S) x 210
rotation REV revolution (M/M) x 423
rotation RPM Revolution per minute (M/M/S) x 435
temperature degC degrees Celsius (degK) x 45
temperature degF degrees Farenheight (degK) x 133
temperature degK degrees Kelvin (degK) x 218
temperature degR degrees Rankine (degK) x 415
time DAY day (mean Earth) (S) x 96
time HR hour (S) x 207
time MIN minute (S) x 322
time S second (S) x 438
time YR year (mean Earth) (S) x 531
velocity KNOT Knot (M/S) x 235
velocity LIGHT speed of light (M/S) x 268
velocity MACH[s] mach(isa/sl) (M/S) x 283
viscocity CP centipoise, viscocity (KG/(M*S)) x 82
viscocity CST centistoke (M^2/S) x 83
volume BUSHEL bushel (US) (M^3) x 42
volume CC cubic centimeters (M^3) x 65
volume CUP cup (M^3) x 91
volume FLOZ Fluid Ounce (M^3) x 153
volume GAL gallon (us liquid) (M^3) x 177
volume GAL[USDRY] gal(us dry) (M^3) x 178
volume L liter (M^3) x 242
volume PINT Pint (US liquid) (M^3) x 387
volume QT quart (US liquid) (M^3) x 406
volume TBLSP tablespoon (M^3) x 489
volume TSP teaspoon (M^3) x 504