Type Name Description Base Fav Rec
acceleration GALG acceleration of gravity (M/S^2) x 74
angle CIRCLE full circle (M/M) x 74
angle CYCLE revolution (M/M) x 93
angle DEG degrees (M/M) x 98
angle MIN[A] minute (angle) (M/M)   323
angle QUAD[A] Quadrant or Right Angle (M/M)   410
angle RAD radian, plane angle (M/M) x 416
angle SEC[A] second (M/M)   447
angle SR Steradian, solid angle (M^2/M^2)   473
angle ZODIAC Zodiac sign (M/M)   535
area ACRE acre (M^2) x 1
area ARE Are, area of land (M^2)   10
area BARN Barn, area (M^2)   24
area DARCY darcy (M^2)   95
area HECTARE hectare, area of land (M^2) x 199
area MD millidarcy (M^2)   288
chemical KAT Katal, catalytic activity (MOL/S)   219
constant E e, Elementary Charge, electron (AMP*S)   111
constant EARTHMDM Earth Magnetic dipole moment (AMP*M^2)   113
constant EARTHMF Earth magnetic field (KG/(AMP*S^2))   114
constant EARTHRE Radius of Earth, equator (M)   115
constant EARTHRM Radius of Earth, mean (M)   116
constant EARTHRP Radius of Earth, poles (M)   117
constant EARTHSR Solar radiation on Earth ((KG*M^2/S^3)/M^2)   118
constant EPSILON Epsilon0, Permittivity ((AMP^2*S^4/(KG*M^2))/M)   127
constant FC Fc, Faraday constant ((AMP*S)/(MOL))   148
constant G gravity acceleration (M/S^2) x 176
constant GC Gravity Correction Factor (KG*M/(((KG*M)/S^2)*S^2))   181
constant GRAV Gravity constant (M^3/(S^2*KG))   188
constant H h, Planck constant (KG*M^2/S)   192
constant KC k, Boltzman constant ((KG*M^2/S^2)/K)   220
constant LAMBDAC Lambda-c, Electron Compton wavelength (M)   244
constant ME Me, Electron Rest Mass (KG)   289
constant MMU mmu, Muon rest mass (KG)   331
constant MNR mn, neutron rest mass (KG)   333
constant MP mp, protron rest mass (KG)   338
constant MU Mu0, Permeability constant ((KG*M^2/(AMP^2*S^2))/M)   341
constant NA na, Avogadro's Constant (ITEM/MOL)   345
constant PI Pi, 3.1415926 (M/M)   377
constant RGC Molar gas constant, ideal ((((KG)*(M^2))/(S^2))/(MOL*K)) x 424
constant RY R, Rydberg constant (ITEM/M)   437
constant SIGMA sigma, Stefan-Boltzmann constant ((KG*M^2/S^3)/(M^2*K^4))   455
constant SUNMASS Mass of Sun (KG)   483
constant SUNRAD Sun radiation rate (KG*M^2/S^3)   484
constant SUNRADIUS Radius of Sun (M)   485
constant SUNTEMP Temperature, sun surface (K)   486
constant VM Vm, Molar volume of ideal gas at 0C and 1 Atm (M^3/(MOL))   521
currency CUR currency USD (CUR)   542
currency CUR[EU] currency [EU] (CUR)   544
currency CUR[GBP] currency [GBP] (CUR)   543
currency CUR[YEN] currency [YEN] (CUR)   545
density SP[ALUM] specific gravity [aluminum] (KG/M^3)   460
density SP[BECU] specific gravity [berylium copper] (KG/M^3)   461
density SP[BRASS] specific gravity [brass] (KG/M^3)   462
density SP[CU] specific gravity [copper] (KG/M^3)   463
density SP[FIR] specific gravity [douglas fir wood] (KG/M^3)   464
density SP[GCI] specific gravity [cast iron, grey] (KG/M^3)   465
density SP[GLASS] specific gravity [glass] (KG/M^3)   466
density SP[LEAD] specific gravity [lead] (KG/M^3)   467
density SP[MAGN] specific gravity [magnesium] (KG/M^3)   468
density SP[STEEL] specific gravity [steel] (KG/M^3)   469
density SPGR specific gravity (h2o @ 60 F) (KG/M^3) x 472
electric AMP ampere electric current (AMP) x 7
electric COULOMB Charge, quantity of electricity (AMP*S) x 81
electric FARAD capacitance, electrical ((AMP^2*S^4)/(KG*M^2))   144
electric HENRY electrical inductance ((KG*M^2)/(AMP^2*S^2))   202
electric MOH Moh, conductance ((AMP^2*S^3)/(KG*M^2))   335
electric OHM Ohm, electical resistance ((KG*M^2)/(AMP^2*S^3)) x 350
electric SIEMEN Electric conductance ((AMP^2*S^3)/(KG*M^2))   454
electric V Volt, energy per unit charge, potential difference, electromotive force ((KG*M^2)/(AMP*S^3)) x 511
energy BTU british thermal unit ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 38
energy BTU[MEAN] btu(mean) ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   39
energy BTU[TH] btu(th) ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   40
energy CAL calorie ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 49
energy CAL[15C] calorie(15C) ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   50
energy CAL[20C] calorie(20C) ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   51
energy CAL[MEAN] calorie(mean) ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   52
energy CAL[TH] calorie(th) ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   53
energy CALORIE[FOOD] calorie(food) ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 55
energy CENT[HEAT] centigrade heat ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   67
energy ERG erg ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   128
energy EV Electron volt ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 131
energy FTPOUNDAL ft poundal ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   172
energy J joule, energy, work or quentity of heat ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 217
energy KCAL kilocalarie (ist) ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   221
energy KJ kilojoule ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   229
energy MJ megajoule ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   324
energy THERM therm ((KG*M^2)/S^2) x 491
energy TONTNT energy of ton TNT ((KG*M^2)/S^2)   538
energy flux JY Jansky (W/M^2/Hz)   539
flow rate GPM gallon per minute ((M^3)/S) x 559
force DYNE dyne ((KG*M)/S^2) x 110
force KGF kilogram force ((KG*M)/S^2)   225
force KIP 1000 pound force ((KG*M)/S^2) x 228
force LBF pound force ((KG*M)/S^2) x 248
force MN meganewton ((KG*M)/S^2)   332
force N Newton force ((KG*M)/S^2) x 344
force POUNDAL poundal ((KG*M)/S^2)   395
force STHENE sthenes(=kN) ((KG*M)/S^2)   477
force TON[FORCE] ton (US) force ((KG*M)/S^2)   495
force TON[FORCEUK] ton force ((KG*M)/S^2)   496
force TONNE[FORCE] tonne force ((KG*M)/S^2)   500
length AGATE agate [Adobe] (M)   3
length ALEN[DAN] alen [Danish] (M)   4
length ALEN[SC] alen [Scandinavia] (M)   5
length ALEN[SW] alen [Swedish] (M)   6
length ANGSTROM angstrom (M) x 9
length ARMLEN arms-length (M)   11
length ARPENT[C] arpent [Canada] (M)   12
length ARPENT[F] arpent [France] (M)   13
length ARSHEEN arsheen [Russia] (M)   14
length ARSHIN[IRAN] arshin [iran] (M)   15
length ARSHIN[IRAQ] arshin [iraq] (M)   16
length AU astronomical unit (M)   19
length BAMBOO bamboo (M)   21
length BARLY barlycorn (M)   23
length BEESP bee space (M)   28
length BLK[E] block [East US] (M)   29
length BLK[MID] block [Midwest US] (M)   30
length BLK[SW] block [South, West US] (M)   31
length BOLT bolt of cloth (M)   32
length BRAC[IT] braccio [Italy] (M)   34
length BRAZ[A] braza [Argentina] (M)   35
length BRAZ[S] braza [Spain] (M)   36
length BRAZ[T] braza [Texas] (M)   37
length BUTM button measure (M)   44
length CAB cable (M)   46
length CAB[UK] cable [British] (M)   47
length CAB[US] cable [U.S.] (M)   48
length CALIBER caliber (M)   54
length CANA cana (canna, canne) (M)   56
length CAPEFT cape foot (M)   57
length CAPEIN cape inch (M)   58
length CAPEROOD cape rood (M)   59
length CBLK[EUS] city block [East U.S.] (M)   62
length CBLK[M] city block [Midwest U.S.] (M)   63
length CBLK[SW] city block [South, West U.S.] (M)   64
length CHAIN chain [Gunter, survey] (M) x 70
length CHAIN[RAM] chain [Ramsden, engineer] (M)   71
length CHAIN[SUR] chain (surveyor) (M)   72
length CHIH ch'ih [China] (M)   73
length CLICK click [U.S. military] (M)   75
length CM centimeter (M) x 76
length CUADRA cuadra (M)   84
length CUADRA[A] cuadra [Argentina] (M)   85
length CUBIT cubit (M)   86
length CUBIT[EG] cubit [Egyption] (M)   87
length CUBIT[RE] cubit [Royal Egyptian] (M)   88
length CUBIT[ROME] cubit [Roman] (M)   89
length CUERDA cuerda (M)   90
length DAM Dam, length (M)   94
length DIDOT didot point (M)   100
length DIGIT digit (M)   101
length DIRAA[E] diraa [Egypt] (M)   102
length DONG[V] dong [Vietnam] (M)   103
length DOUZ[P] douzième [print] (M)   104
length DOUZ[W] douzième [watchmaking] (M)   105
length DRA[IRAQ] dra [Iraq] (M)   106
length DRA[RUS] dra [Russia] (M)   107
length EL[D] el [Dutch] (M)   119
length ELL[ENG] ell [English] (M)   120
length ELL[S] ell [Scotland] (M)   121
length ELLE[G] elle [Germany] (M)   122
length ELLE[V] elle [Vienna] (M)   123
length ELLS[UK] ells (UK) (M)   124
length EM em (M)   125
length EMS ems (pica) (M)   126
length ESTADO[P] estadio [Portugal] (M)   129
length ESTADO[S] estadio [Spain] (M)   130
length FADEN[A] faden [Austria] (M)   140
length FADEN[S] faden [Switzerland] (M)   141
length FALL[ENG] fall [English] (M)   142
length FALL[S] fall [Scotland] (M)   143
length FATHOM fathom (M) x 145
length FATHOM[A] fathom [ancient] (M)   146
length FAUST[H] faust [Hungary] (M)   147
length FINBRTH fingerbreadth (M)   150
length FINGER finger (M)   151
length FIST fist (M)   152
length FOD fod (M)   155
length FT feet (M) x 156
length FT[CHINA] chinese foot (M)   157
length FT[CPRE] feet [pre-1963 Canada] (M)   158
length FT[E] feet [Egypt] (M)   159
length FT[F] feet [France] (M)   160
length FT[IRAQ] feet [iraq] (M)   162
length FT[N] feet [Netherlands] (M)   163
length FT[ROME] feet [Rome] (M)   164
length FT[SURV] feet [survey] (M)   165
length FT[US] feet [international, U.S.] (M)   166
length FT[USSURV] ft (us survey) (M)   167
length FTBFLD[C] football field [Canada] (M)   168
length FTBFLD[US] football field [U.S.] (M)   169
length FTBFLD[USC] football field [U.S., complete] (M)   170
length FURLONG furlong (M) x 173
length FURLONG[S] furlong [survey] (M)   174
length FUSS[G] fuss [German] (M)   175
length GNATEYE gnat's eye (M)   185
length GOAD goad (M)   186
length GRY gry (M)   191
length HAIRBRDTH hair's breadth (M)   193
length HAND hand (M)   194
length HAND[NONE] hand [non-equine] (M)   195
length HANDBRTH handbreadth (M)   196
length HAT[C] hat [Cambodia] (M)   197
length HEER heer (M)   201
length HUBBLE hubble (M)   208
length HVAT[C] hvat [Croatia] (M)   209
length IN inch (M) x 211
length IN[CHINA] chinese inch (M)   212
length IRON iron (M)   215
length KEN[J] ken [Japan] (M)   222
length KERAT kerat (M)   223
length KIND kind (M)   227
length KLAFTER[A] klafter [Austria] (M)   230
length KLAFTER[S] klafter [Switzerland] (M)   231
length KLICK klick (M)   232
length KM kilometer (M) x 233
length KYU kyu (M)   241
length LAP[COMP] lap [competition] (M)   245
length LAP[OLD] lap [old] (M)   246
length LAP[OLYPOOL] lap [olympic pool] (M)   247
length LEAGUE league [US statute] (M)   250
length LEAGUE[AC] league [ancient Celtic] (M)   251
length LEAGUE[N] league [nautical] (M)   252
length LEAGUE[UK] league [UK] (M)   253
length LEAGUE[UKN] league [UK nautical] (M)   254
length LEAP leap (M)   255
length LEGOA legoa (M)   256
length LEGUA legua (M)   257
length LEGUA[S] legua [Spanish, post-1568] (M)   258
length LEGUA[SPRE] legua [Spanish, pre-1568] (M)   259
length LEGUA[T] legua [Texas] (M)   260
length LI[AC] li [ancient China] (M)   262
length LI[IC] li [imperial China] (M)   263
length LI[MC] li [modern China] (M)   264
length LIEUE[F] lieue [France] (M)   265
length LIEUE[FM] lieue [France, metric] (M)   266
length LIEUE[FN] lieue [France, nautical] (M)   267
length LIGHTYR Light-Year (M) x 269
length LIGNE[F] ligne [France] (M)   270
length LIGNE[S] ligne [Swiss] (M)   271
length LINE line (M)   272
length LINE[S] line [small] (M)   273
length LINK Link (Survey) (M)   274
length LINK[GUN] link [Gunter, survey] (M)   275
length LINK[RAM] link [Ramden, engineer] (M)   276
length LUG lug (M)   278
length LUG[G] lug [great] (M)   279
length M meter (M) x 281
length MARATHON marathon (M)   284
length MARKT mark twain (M)   285
length MEILE[A] meile [Austria] (M)   291
length MEILE[G] meile [geographische] (M)   292
length MEILE[NG] meile [North Germany] (M)   293
length METRE metre (M)   294
length METRICMILE metric mile (M)   295
length MI mile, statute (M) x 297
length MICRON Micron (M) x 299
length MIGLIO miglio (M)   300
length MIIL[DA] miil (mijl) [Danish] (M)   301
length MIIL[DE] miil (mijl) [Denmark] (M)   302
length MIIL[S] miil (mijl) [Sweden, ancient] (M)   303
length MIL mil (M) x 304
length MIL[S] mil [Sweden] (M)   305
length MILE[BRIT] mile [Britain, ancient] (M)   306
length MILE[CHINA] chinese mile (M)   307
length MILE[I] mile [international] (M)   308
length MILE[IR] mile [Irish] (M)   309
length MILE[NI] mile [nautical, international] (M)   310
length MILE[NUK] mile [nautical, UK] (M)   311
length MILE[NUS] mile [nautical, US] (M)   312
length MILE[ROME] mile [Roman, ancient] (M)   313
length MILE[S] mile [Scottish] (M)   314
length MILE[SURV] mile [survey, US] (M)   315
length MILE[USUK] mile (us and uk) (M)   316
length MILHA[P] milha [Portuguese] (M)   317
length MILLA[S] milla [Spanish] (M)   318
length MILLE[F] mille [French] (M)   319
length MILLIARE milliare [Rome] (M)   321
length MKONO mkono [Africa] (M)   325
length MM millimeter (M) x 327
length MOOT moot [India] (M)   337
length MYRIA myria (M)   343
length NAIL nail (M)   346
length NAUTMI Nautical Mile (M) x 348
length PACE pace (M)   355
length PACE[G] pace [great] (M)   356
length PACE[MIL] military pace (M)   357
length PACE[MIL2] military pace [double time] (M)   358
length PACE[R] pace [Roman] (M)   359
length PALM[BR] palm [Britain, Roman minor] (M)   360
length PALM[D] palm [Dutch] (M)   361
length PALM[USR] palm [US, Roman major] (M)   362
length PALMO[P] palmo [Portuguese] (M)   363
length PALMO[S] palmo [Spanish] (M)   364
length PALMO[T] palmo [Texas] (M)   365
length PARASANG parasang (M)   366
length PARISFT Paris foot (M)   367
length PARSEC Parsec (M)   368
length PE pe [Portuguese] (M)   369
length PEARL pearl (M)   370
length PERCH perch (M)   372
length PERCH[I] perch [Ireland] (M)   373
length PERTICA pertica (M)   374
length PES pes (M)   375
length PICA pica (M)   378
length PIE[A] pie [Argentina] (M)   380
length PIE[I] pie [Italian] (M)   381
length PIE[S] pie [Spanish] (M)   382
length PIE[T] pie [Texas] (M)   383
length PIED pied de roi (M)   384
length PIK pik (M)   385
length PIKE[G] pike [Greece] (M)   386
length POLE pole (M)   390
length POLEGADA polegada [Portuguese] (M)   391
length POUNCE pouce (M)   392
length PT[A] point [Adobe] (M)   398
length PT[BRIT] point [Britain, US] (M)   399
length PT[DIDOT] point [Didot] (M)   400
length PT[TEX] point [TeX] (M)   401
length PU pu [China] (M)   402
length PULGADA pulgada (M)   403
length PYGME pygme [Greece] (M)   404
length Q Q (M)   405
length QUAD quadrant (M)   409
length QUARTER quarter (M)   411
length QUARTER[C] quarter [cloth] (M)   412
length QUARTER[P] quarter [print] (M)   413
length RANGE range (M)   418
length REED reed [Israel] (M)   421
length RI ri [Japan] (M)   425
length RIDGE ridge (M)   426
length RIVER river [Egypt] (M)   427
length ROD rod (M) x 428
length ROD[S] rod [survey] (M)   429
length ROEDE roede (M)   430
length ROOD rood (M)   432
length ROPE rope (M)   433
length ROYALFT royal foot (M)   434
length RUTE rute [Germany] (M)   436
length SADZHEN sadzhen (M)   439
length SAGENE sagene (M)   440
length SCOTFT Scots foot (M)   444
length SCOTMILE Scots mile (M)   445
length SEEMEILE seemeile (M)   448
length SHACKLE shackle (M)   449
length SHAFTMENT shaftment (M)   450
length SHAFTMENT[A] shaftment [ancient] (M)   451
length SHAKU shaku (M)   452
length SIRIO sirio (M)   456
length SMOOT smoot (M)   458
length SPAN span (M)   470
length SPAT spat (M)   471
length STADIUM stadium (M)   475
length STEP step (M)   476
length STICK stick (M)   478
length STORY story (M)   480
length STRIDE[G] stride [great] (M)   481
length STRIDE[R] stride [Roman] (M)   482
length THOU thou (M)   492
length TOISE toise (M)   493
length TOWN township (M)   503
length TSUN t'sun (M)   505
length TU tu (M)   506
length TWAIN twain (M)   507
length TWIP twip (M)   508
length U U (M)   509
length UM micrometer (M) x 510
length VARA[C] vara [California] (M)   512
length VARA[M] vara [Mexico] (M)   513
length VARA[P] vara [Portuguese] (M)   514
length VARA[S] vara [Spanish] (M)   515
length VARA[SA] vara [South America] (M)   516
length VARA[T] vara [Texas] (M)   517
length VERGE verge (M)   518
length VERSHOK vershok (M)   519
length VERST verst (M)   520
length WAH wah [Thailand] (M)   523
length WERST werst (M)   525
length YD yard (M) x 526
length YD[CHINA] chinese yard (M)   527
length YOTTA yotta (M)   529
length ZETTA zetta (M)   533
length ZOLL[G] zoll [Germany] (M)   536
length ZOLL[S] zoll [Switzerland] (M)   537
luminesence CD Candela, luminous intensity (CD) x 66
luminesence FTCANDLE Foot-Candle (((M^2/M^2)*CD)/M^2) x 171
luminesence LM Lumen, Luminous flux ((M^2/M^2)*CD) x 277
luminesence LX Lux, Illuminance (CD*(M^2/M^4)) x 280
magnetic GAUSS Magnetic flux density (KG/(AMP*S^2))   180
magnetic T Tesla, Magnetic flux density (KG/(AMP*S^2))   488
magnetic WEBER magnetic flux density integral ((KG*M^2/(AMP*S^2)) x 524
mass CARAT Carat (KG) x 60
mass CENTAL cental (KG)   68
mass DRAM Dram (KG)   108
mass DRAM[A] Dram (apothecaries) (KG)   109
mass EARTHMASS earth mass (KG)   112
mass GM gram (KG) x 184
mass GRAIN grains (KG)   187
mass HDWT hundredweight (KG)   198
mass KG kilogram (KG) x 224
mass KT kilotonne (KG)   239
mass LBM pound mass (KG) x 249
mass LHDWT Long Hundredweight (KG)   261
mass MG megagram (KG)   296
mass MT megatonne (KG)   340
mass OZ ounce (avoirdupois) (KG) x 351
mass OZ[T] Ounce, troy (KG) x 352
mass POUND[A] pound (avoirdupois) (KG)   393
mass POUND[T] pound (troy) (KG)   394
mass SCRUPLE Scruple (Apothecaries) (KG)   446
mass SLUG slug = 32.17 lbm (KG) x 457
mass SOLARMASS solar mass (KG)   459
mass STONE stone (KG)   479
mass TON ton (us or short) (KG) x 494
mass TON[LONG] ton (uk or long) (KG)   497
mass TONNE tonne (metric) (KG)   499
mass TONUK long ton (2240 lbm) (KG)   501
mass AMU atomic mass unit (unified, physical) (KG)   8
Multiplier ATTO multiplier, 1E-18 (ITEM)   18
Multiplier B Bel (ITEM)   20
Multiplier CENTI multiplier, 1E-2 (ITEM) x 69
Multiplier DECI multiplier, 1E-1 (ITEM) x 97
Multiplier DEKA multiplier, 1E1 (ITEM) x 99
Multiplier EXA multiplier, 1E18 (ITEM)   132
Multiplier F[16] Fraction, 1/16, sixteenth (ITEM) x 134
Multiplier F[2] Fraction, 1/2, half (ITEM) x 135
Multiplier F[32] Fraction, 1/32, thirtysecond (ITEM) x 136
Multiplier F[4] Fraction, 1/4, quarter or fourth (ITEM) x 137
Multiplier F[64] Fraction, 1/64, sixtyfourth (ITEM) x 138
Multiplier F[8] Fraction, 1/8, eighth (ITEM) x 139
Multiplier FEMTO multiplier, 1E-15 (ITEM)   149
Multiplier GIGA multiplier, 1E9 (ITEM) x 182
Multiplier GROSS 12 dozen, 144 (ITEM) x 190
Multiplier HECTO multiplier, 1E2 (ITEM) x 200
Multiplier KILO multiplier, 1E3 (ITEM) x 226
Multiplier MEGA multiplier, 1E6 (ITEM)   290
Multiplier MICRO multiplier, 1E-6 (ITEM) x 298
Multiplier MILLI multiplier, 1E-3 (ITEM) x 320
Multiplier NANO multiplier, 1E-9 (ITEM)   347
multiplier NP Neper (ITEM)   349
Multiplier PETA multiplier, 1E15 (ITEM) x 376
Multiplier PICO multiplier 1E-12 (ITEM) x 379
Multiplier TERA multiplier, 1E12 (ITEM) x 490
multiplier UDVF[1] User Defined Variable Factor 1 (item)   547
multiplier UDVF[2] User Defined Variable Factor 2 (item)   548
Multiplier YOCTO multiplier, 1E-24 (ITEM)   528
Multiplier YOTTA Multiplier, 1E24 (ITEM)   530
Multiplier ZEPTO multiplier, 1E-21 (ITEM)   532
Multiplier ZETTA multiplier, 1E21 (ITEM)   534
nuclear BQ Becquerel, radionuclide activity (ITEM/S)   33
nuclear CURIE Curie, radionuclide activity (ITEM/S)   92
nuclear GRAY Absorbed dose, specific energy, kerma (M^2/S^2)   189
nuclear RAD[AD] Rad, absorbed dose (M^2/S^2)   417
nuclear REM Rem, dose equivalent (M^2/S^2)   422
nuclear ROENTGN Roentgen, specific electric charge (AMP*S/KG)   431
nuclear SV Sievert, dose equivalent (M^2/S^2)   487
paper BUNDLE bundle, paper (PP)   41
paper CASE[P] case, paper (PP)   61
paper QUIRE quire (PP)   414
paper REAM ream, standard (PP)   419
paper REAM[P] ream, printer (PP)   420
paper SHT sheet, paper (PP)   453
power HP horsepower (550 ft*lbf/s) ((KG*M^2)/S^3) x 203
power HP[ELEC] hp(electric) ((KG*M^2)/S^3)   204
power HP[H2O] hp(water) ((KG*M^2)/S^3)   205
power HP[M] hp(metric) ((KG*M^2)/S^3)   206
power KW kilowatt ((KG*M^2)/S^3) x 240
power MW megawatt ((KG*M^2)/S^3)   342
power TONAC ton refridgeration (12000 BTU/hr) ((KG*M^2)/S^3)   498
power W watt, power or radiant flux ((KG*M^2)/S^3) x 522
pressure ATM atmosphere (KG/(M*S^2)) x 17
pressure BAR bar (KG/(M*S^2)) x 22
pressure CM[H2O] cm water (KG/(M*S^2))   77
pressure CM[HG] cm mercury (KG/(M*S^2))   78
pressure FT[H2O] foot of water (KG/(M*S^2)) x 161
pressure IN[H2O] inch of water (60 F) (KG/(M*S^2))   213
pressure IN[HG] inch of hg (60 F) (KG/(M*S^2))   214
pressure KPA kilopascal (KG/(M*S^2))   237
pressure KSI kip per sq inch (KG/(M*S^2))   238
pressure M[H2O] meter water (KG/(M*S^2))   282
pressure MBAR millibar (KG/(M*S^2)) x 286
pressure MM[H2O] mmh2o (KG/(M*S^2)) x 328
pressure MM[HG] millimeter hg (60 F) (KG/(M*S^2)) x 329
pressure MPA megapascal (KG/(M*S^2)) x 339
pressure PA pascal, pressure or stress (KG/(M*S^2)) x 354
pressure PSF pound force per sq ft (KG/(M*S^2)) x 396
pressure PSI pound force per sq in (KG/(M*S^2)) x 397
pressure TORR torr (mm Hg 0 C) (KG/(M*S^2)) x 502
quantity BCF billion std cu ft of gas (MOL)   26
quantity ITEM Any individual item, dimensionless (ITEM) x 216
quantity KMOL kilomole (MOL)   234
quantity MCF thousand std cu ft gas (MOL)   287
quantity MMCF million std cu ft gas (MOL)   330
quantity MOL mole, amount of substance (MOL) x 336
quantity SCF std cu ft (60 F, 14.696 psi) (MOL)   441
quantity SCM std cu meter (60 F, 101.325 kpa) (MOL)   442
quantity SCMZ std cu meter (0 C, 101.325 kpa) (MOL)   443
rotation HZ Hertz, frequency, cycle/second (M/M/S) x 210
rotation REV revolution (M/M) x 423
rotation RPM Revolution per minute (M/M/S) x 435
temperature degC degrees Celsius (degK) x 45
temperature degF degrees Farenheight (degK) x 133
temperature degK degrees Kelvin (degK) x 218
temperature degR degrees Rankine (degK) x 415
time DAY day (mean Earth) (S) x 96
time HR hour (S) x 207
time MIN minute (S) x 322
time MO month (S)   334
time S second (S) x 438
time SHAKE Atomic Time Unit (S)   546
time YR year (mean Earth) (S) x 531
user defined a USERA User defined a (USERA)   540
user defined b USERB User defined b (USERB)   541
velocity KNOT Knot (M/S) x 235
velocity KNOT[UK] knot(uk) (M/S)   236
velocity LIGHT speed of light (M/S) x 268
velocity MACH[s] mach(isa/sl) (M/S) x 283
viscocity CP centipoise, viscocity (KG/(M*S)) x 82
viscocity CST centistoke (M^2/S) x 83
viscocity P poise, dynamic viscocity (KG/(M*S))   353
viscocity ST stoke (M^2/S)   474
volume ACREFT acre-foot (M^3)   2
volume BBL barrel, petrolium (M^3)   25
volume BDFT board feet (M^3)   27
volume BUSHEL bushel (US) (M^3) x 42
volume BUSHEL[UK] bushel(uk) (M^3)   43
volume CC cubic centimeters (M^3) x 65
volume CORD Cord (M^3)   79
volume CORDFT Cord foot (M^3)   80
volume CUP cup (M^3) x 91
volume FLOZ Fluid Ounce (M^3) x 153
volume FLOZ[UK] floz(uk) (M^3)   154
volume GAL gallon (us liquid) (M^3) x 177
volume GAL[USDRY] gal(us dry) (M^3) x 178
volume GALUK gallon (uk) (M^3)   179
volume GILL Gill (M^3)   183
volume L liter (M^3) x 242
volume L[OLD] L(1901-1964) (M^3)   243
volume ML milliliter (M^3)   326
volume PECK peck (M^3)   371
volume PINT Pint (US liquid) (M^3) x 387
volume PINT[UK] pint(uk) (M^3)   388
volume PINT[USDRY] pint(dry us) (M^3)   389
volume QT quart (US liquid) (M^3) x 406
volume QT[UK] quart(uk) (M^3)   407
volume QT[USDRY] quart(us dry) (M^3)   408
volume TBLSP tablespoon (M^3) x 489
volume TSP teaspoon (M^3) x 504