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Hello....My Name is Mike Van Voorhis and I have created an "electronic book" for your use. This book has been compiled from various mechanical engineering sources.

The conventions used for describing mathematical equations are the same as those used for the Basic computer launguage and common spreadsheets. Use of the "edit-copy" (ctrl-c) and "edit-paste" (ctrl-v) functions within the Windows operating environment allows equations to be copied directly into Excel spreadsheet cells. Variables can also be defined using range names to perform calculations.

Examples will be presented using expressions that involve calculations with proper units of measure throughout this collection of information. An auxilliary website with expression evaluator capable of handling units will be listed. Feel free to use these examples to make your own calculations by substituting values and units for the default values.

Go to the Expression Evaluator and the Complex Unit Converter to perform calculations.

I hope this book is useful and helps you solve problems quickly, accurately and efficiently. Comments are welcome and can be sent via e-mail to:

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