Tools for evaluation of expressions with units "built in" to enable direct solutions

Online Evaluator and Unit Converter Tools

Expression Evaluator
Complex Unit Converter

Online Triangle Solvers

Side-Angle-Side Triangle Solver
Side-Side-Angle Triangle Solver
Angle-Side-Angle Triangle Solver
Side-Side-Side Triangle Solver
Side-Angle-Angle Triangle Solver

Mechanical Tools

Stress Book
Tensile Stress Calculator
Shear Stress Calculator
Bending Stress Calculator
Buckling Load Calculator
Mohr's Circle Stress Calculator
Free Body Calculator

Online References and Tools

Map Data with Elevation List
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Bolt Torque Chart
Saw Cut
Horizontal Cylindrical Tank Fill Volume
Digitizing with Excel
TimeZones and Daylight Maps 1/19/2010, 5/12/2011, 10/9/2022