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Examples for: Wood Structure Drawings,
Architectural Detail Drawings,
HVAC-Plumbing-Electric Drawings 1/2,
HVAC-Plumbing-Electric Drawings 2/2,
Civil Grade Drawings,
Simple Grade Drawings,
Structural Calculations,
Commercial Building Structures,
Timber Building Structures,
Concrete Drawings,
Foundation Designs, and
Steel Details

CRC Handbook 1/9 [constants, conversions, elements, periodic table]
CRC Handbook 2/9 [symbols, nomenclature, abbreviations, definitions, terms, organics]
CRC Handbook 3/9 [elements]
CRC Handbook 4/9 [thermo props, combustion, electro props, chem kinetics, air, water]
CRC Handbook 5/9 [compound constants, vapor press, enthalpy, cryo, surface tension, dielectric]
CRC Handbook 6/9 [dielectric, mixtures, viscosity, conductivity, diffusion]
CRC Handbook 7/9 [spectra, transition, affinities, polar, ionization, xray, binding]
CRC Handbook 8/9 [EMR, microwave, blackbody, IR, refraction, laser]
CRC Handbook 9/9 [EMR]

Marks Handbook 1/9 [1. symbol/abbreviation/contents]
Marks Handbook 2/9 [2. math/units, 3. mechanics, 4. heat, 5. strength]
Marks Handbook 3/9 [6. materials]
Marks Handbook 4/9 [7. fuels, 8. machines]
Marks Handbook 5/9 [9. power]
Marks Handbook 6/9 [10. handling, 11. transportation]
Marks Handbook 7/9 [12. construction, 13. manufacturing, 14. fans/pumps/compressors]
Marks Handbook 8/9 [15. electrical, 16. instruments/controls, 17. industrial, 18. regulations, 19. refridgeration/cryo/optics]
Marks Handbook 9/9 [index]

Shigley 1/9 [table of contents]
Shigley 2/9 [design, materials, load & stress]
Shigley 3/9 [deflection & stiffness, static failures]
Shigley 4/9 [fatigue]
Shigley 5/9 [shafts, bolts, welds]
Shigley 6/9 [springs, bearings, lubrication]
Shigley 7/9 [gears]
Shigley 8/9 [gears, clutches, flywheels, couplings, belts, chains, sprockets, power transmission]
Shigley 9/9 [analysis codes, statistics, appendix, index]
Griffin Lecture - Systems Engineering
Civil Lindeburg Sec 01S-TOC_INDEX [1. Index]
Civil Lindeburg Sec 09S-SOIL [9. Soil]
Civil Lindeburg Sec 10S-FOUNDATION [10. Foundations]
Civil Lindeburg Sec 11S-STATICS [11. Statics]
Civil Lindeburg Sec 12S-MECH [12. Mechanics of Materials]
Civil Lindeburg Sec 13S-INDET [13. Indeterminant Structures]
Civil Lindeburg Sec 14S-CONCRETE [14. Concrete]
Civil Lindeburg Sec 15S-STEEL [15. Steel]
Civil Lindeburg Sec 22S-POST [22. Post-Publication Corrections]
Seismic Lindeburg Sec 01S [1. Intro]
Seismic Lindeburg Sec 02S codes [2. Codes]
Seismic Lindeburg Sec 03S [3. Design]
Seismic Lindeburg Sec 04S problems [4. Problems]
Seismic Lindeburg Sec 05S index [5. Index]
Seismic IBC2006Fig1613-1 [1. Map-1]
Seismic IBC2006Fig1613-2 [2. Map-2] 1/19/2010, 5/12/2011, 7/7/2016