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This website is about helping students, instructors, practitioners and researchers, physicists, chemists, engineers and designers perform calculations that are accurate and proper.


My summary resume of experience and skills includes: 1. Design of hay and forage equipment for John Deere, 2. Design of solid rocket motors for the Trident and Titan systems for Hercules/ATK, 3. Development of NDE specifications for computed tomographic inspection for ATK, 4. Coordination of submarine field sites for ATK at SWFLANT, SWFPAC and POMFLANT, 5. Design, manufacturing and delivery of tooling and equipment for lifting, casting, transportation and testing for ATK, 6. Design of gyroplane hydraulic and cabin systems and development of tip-jet rotor drives for Groen Brothers Aviation and DARPA, 7. Evaluation of HD (mustard) incineration campaign options for EG&G at the Tooele Chemical Weapons Demil Facility, 8. Sustaining Engineering for the GS-307x family of computed tomography x-ray tubes and Design and test of digital mammographic x-yay tubes for Fischer Scientific for Varian Medical and 9. Design, fabrication and testing of inflatable pressure vessel and MMOD shields for the Genesis-I, Genesis-II and Sundancer commercial spacecraft for Bigelow Aerospace. See my CV for additional information.

I have prepared this site to assist users with calculations by using MS Excel "PowerBooks" that capture topical information, present it in a searchable manner and use an exclusive "Expression Evaluator" to process complicated units.


Please leave your contact information in the Guestbook. (I will not sell it, distribute it or use it in any way other than to reply to you directly with any comments.)